Welcome to Jamma+, the website run by collectors of arcade machines. We have a passion for the games of yesteryear such as Space Invaders, Pac-man and Defender. Games from the 70's and 80's but including games from the 90's and onwards. If you are a like minded individual then you will feel at home here.

All over the United Kingdom, video games have fallen to the wayside to fruit machines, grabber cranes and other novelty games. The dingy seedy arcades we all knew in our youth are now gone. The days of joystick waggling and button bashing to make the most of your 10p are sadly at an end.

What is the fate of the machines we all loved? Where are they now? Despite the fact that so many were sadly destroyed, the good news is that many are still around. Machines that people used to play are now owned, traded and cared for by collectors such as ourselves.

We have been around since 2002 chatting away as friends on IRC. We introduced a mailing list on Yahoo Groups which never really did us any good due to its limitations.

In January 2004 we registered jammaplus.com and launched the JAMMA+ forums. Things were slow at first but then it began to gain members. We closed the mailing list at Yahoo Groups in mid 2005 and the Jamma+ forums continue to grow and develop.

We are always striving to make the site better by introducing more features. Our members get together for meets and events on a regular basis. At meets we play games, eat and drink. It's a great opportunity also to talk tech. Meets also include other activities like visiting coastal amusements or big trade shows.

We have a superb combined technical knowledge base and we do our best to help each other out. Owning a machine is not as expensive as it may sound, but be warned as soon as you think your collection is complete you will keep telling yourself "Just one more"...